Age-Insight for LinkedIn is a Chrome Extension that uses
semantic technology to calculate the age of any
person who has a LinkedIn Profile.

It works in +85% of the profiles and it's constantly
updated with new semantic rules and data.

No Sign-up Required. Just Install and Use.

-How Does It Work-

Is not rocket science. We transform a simple calculation you're probably already doing,
into an auto-pilot and data informed insight that gets better overtime.

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Semantic Analysis
of Profile Information

Age-Insight for LinkedIn does a semantic analysis of the available profile information (education + experience) to make an educated guess on a person's age. It also analizes the accuracy of the information and only shows a guess if there's enough data to compose an accurate calculation.

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Powered by Data,
that Increases Accuracy

Age-Insight for LinkedIn, uses different datasets to cross-check and improve the accuracy of a guess.

The underlaying technology behind the extension fine-tunes the calculation by using every piece of available information (from current location to alma-mater, and even the person's name itself) and compares it against the available and growing datasets.

Are you a professional
doing due dilligence work?

Age-Insight makes your job easier by giving you accurate age information
that you can use to improve the quality of your research
Age-Insight can help you with:

· Putting experience in context and evaluating professional profiles.

· Gathering background information to understand prospects and clients.

· Validating information, benchmarking job market and more.

No Sign-up Required. Just Install and Use.

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